Walton Young


A Gathering of Eagles

"A Gathering of Eagles is a well-written story about love and war and the influence both have on one man's life."
Jackie K Cooper, The Huffington Post

"Walton Young's A Gathering of Eagles presents a vivid picture of the war [World War I] and resembles, in some ways, The Red Badge of Courage. His writing is crisp. His dialogue is appropriate for the time and place. . . . e novel is a short and fast aernoon's read that is enlightening and entertaining."
Jennie Herold, review in White County News

"Reminiscent of war-themed classics, such as Hemingway's Farewell to Arms and Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago, Dr. Walton Young's A Gathering of Eagles is a striking story of how war never truly ends for a soldier, whether it is across the ocean or at home. Dr. Young has historical gures interact with his fictional characters, depicting both with honesty and emotional resonance. Familiar themes—feuding families,
forbidden romance, haunting memories, pining for lost simple pleasures—are interwoven with a crisp pace and unique voice. It is clear when an author is passionate about what he/she writes, and that energy carries over to readers, making them as enthralled in the story as the author is. A Gathering of Eagles is such a novel."
Alison Reeger Cook of The Gainesville Times

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